Tabletop Exercises

Our tabletop exercises involve simulating scenarios to test and evaluate an organization’s preparedness and response capabilities in the event of an incident. During the tabletop exercise, participants work through a hypothetical scenario, discussing their actions and decisions, responsible persons and identify proper channel of communication in response to the simulated event.

Our exercises can be tailored to specific industries or organizations and can cover a wide range of scenarios, such as natural disasters, cyberattacks. The goal of these exercises is to identify gaps in response plans, evaluate the effectiveness of communication protocols, and improve overall preparedness.

Cyber Strategy Consulting facilitates and delivers tabletop exercises and post exercise training, offered by our risk management experts providing feedback on performance, and offering recommendations for improvement.

Tabletop exercises are a valuable service offering for any organization looking to improve their incident response preparedness and response capabilities. By identifying potential weaknesses and practicing response procedures, organizations can better protect their employees, customers, and assets in the event of an emergency.

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