Cyber Security Hands-on Training

Our Cyber Security hands-on training, upskilling and education is very popular, delivered in various formats, including classroom-based training, online training, workshops, and simulations.

The goal of the program is to provide hands-on real life project experience to students in the cybersecurity and IT fields and to provide educational support, projects and learning materials, taught by cybersecurity industry experts to help people in the process of upskilling who may not have the opportunity to practise what they may have self-learnt, at their jobs.

Our methods are tested and proven to drive success and real adaptive knowledge of the various core areas of cyber security including but not limited to;

 Cyber Security GRC
Identity and Access Management
Data and Privacy Management
Penetration Testing
Cyber security certification prep
Network Security
Application Security
Incident response and disaster recovery
Threat Modeling
Compliance and Regulations
Cloud Security

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